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You'll get used to it.
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doodle yay by MewGlaceon
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Transparent/Simple BG full body, colored with simple shading; 2 characters go for basic price- extra characters cost 20:points: per character; Max 4 characters
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NOTE: I'm so sorry! With my tablet currently broken and not being sure when I'll be able to get a new one, things will definitely take a bit longer I'm so sorry;;;

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2. :iconkimura-chi:- Violet and Indigo -
3. :iconpokefan181: - Pairing Trade - Yukio x Sayuri -
4. :iconmichikoberlitz: - OC: Kotori -

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got tagged by :iconpokefan181: let's do this \o/


1. You must post these rules.
2. Everyone must share one fact about themselves.
3. No saying you don't do tags.
4. You must make up ten questions for everyone you tag.
5. You must tag ten people.

I don't usually do tags so nah fuck that noise o/

Questions to Answer:

1. Have you ever cosplayed before? (If so, who did you dress up as?)

Arrow left I have! I've cosplayed Junko Enoshima from Dangan Ronpa, Mizuki Himeji from Baka to Test, Madotsuki from Yume Nikki, Touko from Pokemon, and Naoto Shirogane from Persona 4! :iconhappyrinplz:

2. Do you support any of my OC x Canon ships? (Which one(s)? -Feel free to just name a couple if there is more than one... I have a lot of OC x Canon ships.:XD:)

Arrow left I sure do eue Do Kirsten and Henry count cause I'm always up for them going on double dates with Zio and Chrom while Lucina deals with the two Morgans--- *sHOT TO THE HEAVENS*

3. What kind of music do you like? Care to name a few of your favourite songs?

Arrow left Man I listen to too much music, and tbh if it has a catchy tune I'll probably like it uvu Right now though I'm actual Love Live trash so half of the songs I've been listen to are μ's songs;;; Beat in Angel and Cutie Panther are my jams tho holy shit

4. What is your opinion on English Dubs?

Arrow left For me it kind of depends? I mean I watch more of the original Japanese than dubs since they're a bit easier for me to get a hold of. There are some that are great, some that are okay, and some that I'd rather stay away from. It really depends uvu

5. Which gym leader from Pokemon do you think you'd team up with well? And what about me? (Choose one from any generation.)

Arrow left ...That's legitimately a hard question. To be honest, probably Morty. Everyone who knows me knows that Ghost and Psychic are my favorite types, and let's be honest battling in a double battle against a Gengar and an Aegislash would be p damn cool eue
Arrow left As for you.... oh god this is still hard... You seem like someone who wouldn't stick to one type, so I'd say probably Green (or Blue if you go by his NA name but I prefer Green since that's what he was called in the version of Pokemon Special I read)

6. Who do you plan on marrying in Fire Emblem: Fates? :la:

Arrow left aHAHAHAHAHA ABOUT THAT;;;; *stares at notepad* *sweats* *stares at sketchbook* *sWEATS HARDER* :iconhakaselookleftniplz:
Arrow left did u know i'm trash. cause i'm trash. i have a list. a  l i s t
Arrow left I've got my main MU named Misaki with Nishiki, another named Linnea going with Jakob, my main male one named Alistar with Zero, a female MU named Cerys going with Shara, one named Yumei that's going to p much be torturing Cyrus with how much she sleeps, another named Iris with Lazward/Inigo because I'm a horrible person and I wanna give Olivia's hair color to Soleil, one that's unnamed for Pieri, another unnamed one with SHSL Waifu Belka, and a separate unnamed female one with Zero bECAUSE APPARENTLY BEING GAY AS FUCK MEANS I CAN'T HAVE EPONINE;;; But I mean hey at least she and Kanna will have rocking stats cause Zero is a fucking monster on the field
Arrow left I don't know if I'm gonna buy both copies or just get a digital version, but I might just end up getting two physical copies so I can have more save files cause Flannel and Orochi more like I'm going to legitimately d i e

7. Based on what you know about me, who do you think I should marry?:XD:

Arrow left I already know you're going with Inigo and Foleo you can't fool me :iconohoho-plz:
Arrow left But aside from them, Takumi seems like a good choice
Arrow left #BlameTakumi2015

8. Which country from Hetalia do you identify most with? Who do you think I'm most like?

Arrow left I may be American but I'm Canada through and through :iconkiritosmileplz: Forever quiet and p much invisible
Arrow left As for you, maybe Seychelles? You're just super sweet and a ray of sunshine and you try your hardest and I love that :heart:

9. Partner up with anyone from Persona 3 or 4! Who is it? Who would you partner me up with? ;P

Arrow left That's a hard decision since you always have your parties in 4;;; Unless this is Persona Q cause then it's a party of 5 including your leader. Cause just having two characters is pretty much a living nightmare if you run into an enemy that can easily overpower you cause this is Atlus, which means Murphy's Law is in effect trust me I've been there and I almost got destroyed :iconlescaredplz:
Arrow left But if I had to choose going by Persona Q, personally give me a party of me, Ken, Yosuke, Naoto, Yukiko, and Shinji ayeee I mean tbh this is a party I use a lot in Persona Q, just with Akihiko in place of Yosuke and I tend to swap out Yukiko with Zen and Rei ouo
Arrow left For you though... hmmm... Maybe Mitsuru, Yosuke, Akihiko, Yukiko, and Kanji ouo I mean this is just me going with how the gameplay works and trying to get a good balance of physical and magic, with a healer of course :iconmisakiciaoplz:

10. Do you have a favourite Disney movie?

Arrow left I aCTUALLY DON'T KNOW??? Like this is hard question I don't watch many movies, and if I do they're usually horror movies because I'm a tool ;7; But if I had to choose one, I'm going with Up because I'm sTILL NOT OVER IT

I'm not tagging anyone, just sorta doing this for fun since I can't really do much else 


:bulletblue:3DS Friend Code:bulletblue:
Name: Zio
Code: 2079 6924 2396

:bulletpink:Animal Crossing New Leaf:bulletpink:
Town: Inaba
Mayor: Zio
Dream Address: 5800-4788-0061

Possible Upcoming Art/Tasks
:bulletblue: DR OC AU stuff
:bulletblue: Character Profiles (new and updated)
:bulletblue: A lot of OC shit I really need to work on
  • Mood: Lazy
  • Listening to: Nico puri♥Joshi dou - Nico Yazawa [μ's]
  • Playing: Fire Emblem Awakening


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:iconsparklesplz::iconmewglaceon:yEAH NOTHING TO SEE HERE by MewGlaceon:iconpokefan181::iconsparklesplz:

perfect husbando <3


My babbus
:heart:FT: Erza's swaying hair by Kaze-yo:heart:FT: Natsu stamp oo1 by Kaze-yo:heart:Severa Stamp by Adraowen:heart:Persona4 Stamp: Yosuke by xStormyChaos:heart:

My ultimate OTP to end all OTPs is Souji/Yosuke :heart:


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